Welcoming Guido-Eckhard Schmidt!

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It is not every day that a company is able to benefit from the opportunity to bring somebody on board, who is a natural fit from the outset; an expert in his field; and foreseen to be a positive contributor to the well-being of the business. Somebody who’s ethos is the following:

“Success always starts with wanting – that is the first step done. Then keep walking, keep moving and you will reach your goal!”

We are very happy to introduce Guido, who in his wealth of experience, has shown a great talent for sales, entrepreneurship and leadership in a number of technical fields. These experiences and his numerous achievements have led him down a prosperous career path, which has enabled him to join the Mdina team as a Business trainer and Consultant.

Not only has Guido-Eckhard Schmidt accumulated 18 years in sales and commerce, but he is in fact an avid entrepreneur. He founded his very first company at the tender age of 22.

He then went on to found companies that are currently active and alongside, developed other companies to establish a solid foundation in order to enable growth.

He has also lead teams in areas such as manufacturing, industry, commerce and sales. This has equipped him with valuable know-how for diverse personnel management, recruiting, placement, applicant coaching as well as training for personnel selection.

With Mdina International, Guido works on learning and development in relation to sales. He uses his own experience and knowledge to train people in direct sales, telephone marketing and retail. He also works with different levels of sales and commercial managers to improve overall sales processes.

Thanks to his many years of experience in telecommunications and IT, Guido also specialises in areas such as data protection, data security, digitization, ISMS and security awareness training. He carries out high impact training sessions for companies and organisations to sensitise employees.

The content he delivers also encompass a range of soft skills, such as communication with customers and colleagues, developing a feedback culture within the organisation, mentoring and team lead training.

With Mdina International,  Guido is currently very active in the acquisition of new clients while creating  tailor-made concepts and bespoke training programmes. He joined Mdina International in the beginning of 2018 and specialises in Sales Development and IT Consultancy.

We would like to extend our warm welcome to Guido and look forward to our endeavours and our journey together.

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