Times of Malta: Mdina International provides training to Jesmond Mizzi Financial Advisers Ltd

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Mdina International Ltd, a training company that specialises in the learning and development of people, worked closely with Jesmond Mizzi Financial Advisors Ltd (JMFA) to provide tailor-made training to its staff.

The training programme for management was spread over a number of months where JMFA was required to go through a research phase to identify personalised needs for the development of the management team.

JMFA is currently celebrating its 15th anniversary and going forward the company aims to continue developing innovative financial products and expand its operation locally and overseas.

The aim was to develop a new and growing management team to manage their respective units. This management programme was executed with the scope of evaluating accountabilities within the company and distributing them in a more efficient and effective manner.

Delegates were trained to focus on managing themselves first, and then translatinge that on to managing others effectively. The advantage of this in particular is that managers can develop team members in the same manner by mentoring them to manage themselves and then reflect that in their specific responsibilities to improve performance. This included workshops, one-to-one development sessions and small group action plans.

Steve Tarr, CEO of Mdina International Ltd, strongly believes that “the performance of a business will be directly affected by the development of its people”. Any company who is looking to grow and perform better has to primarily consider the development of its workforce.

The training programme for the sales team was spread over a number of months and built over different phases that led to personalised development of the entire team of investment advisers. The training addressed processes that affect the performance of investment advisers such as time management and optimisation with the aim of coaching the sales team to manage clients more effectively. Various methods of measuring one’s own performance were also identified to further improve services and provide an enhanced customer experience.

The main objective of JMFA is to deliver a personalised blend of wealth management services for the individual demands of both individual and corporate clients.

Jesmond Mizzi, managing director of JMFA, said that “investing in motivating the workforce to have a stable one allows the company to continue to maintain excellent personal relationships with its clients and build stronger ones”.

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